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Focus Sessions

Friday 6th October


Focus Session 1 – Neurotrophic Keratopathy

Moderators: Harminder Dua UNITED KINGDOM, Jose Guell SPAIN

09.00 Harminder Dua UNITED KINGDOM
Pathophysiology of Neurotrophic Keratopathy
09.20 Dalia G Said UNITED KINGDOM
Clinical Presentations
09.40 Paolo Rama ITALY
Medical Management
10.00 José Guell SPAIN
Surgical Management
10.20 Discussion
10.30 End of Session



Focus Session 2 – Allergic Eye Disease

Moderators: Francois Malecaze FRANCE, Harminder Dua UNITED KINGDOM

11.00 Andrea Leonardi ITALY
Immune Mechanisms in Allergic Eye Disease
11.13 Harminder Dua UNITED KINGDOM
Clinical Spectrum or Allergic Eye Diseases
11.26 TBC
Interventions and Surgery in Allergic Eye Diseases
11.39 TBC
Medical Management of Allergic Eye Diseases
11.52 TBC
Systemic Immunosuppression – When and With What?
12.05 TBC
Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia in Patients with Atopy: Unique Challenges and Issues
12.18 Discussion
12.30 End of Session


14.00 – 15.30

Focus Session 3 – Ocular Surface Tumors

Moderators: George Kymionis GREECE, Harminder Dua UNITED KINGDOM

14.00 Sotiria Palioura USA
Etiopathogenesis and Diagnosis of Ocular Surface Tumours
14.15 Harminder Dua UK
Medical Management of OST (OSSN + Melanoma)
14.30 TBC
Surgical Management of OST (OSSN + Melanoma)
14.45 TBC
Monitoring and Follow up of Patients with OST
15.00 Carol Karp USA
How OCT has revolutionised my practice of ocular surface oncology
15.15 Discussion
15.30 End of Session



Focus Session 4 – Infectious Keratitis

Moderators: Marc Labetoulle &  Beatrice Cochener FRANCE

16.00 Terrence O’Brien USA
Emerging Resistance of Bacteria on Ocular Surface: How Far is it Severe?
16.15 George M Verjans NETHERLANDS
Antiviral Resistance to Ocular Herpesvirus Infections: It is really a Clinical Problem?
16.30 Jesús Merayo SPAIN
Demodex and Ocular Surface: Just Parasitism or Real Infection?
16.45 Elisabeth M.Messmer GERMANY
Bacteria in MGD: Infection or Simply Toxicity?
17.00 Juliette Knoeri FRANCE
Combined Infections of the Cornea: How to Manage the Complexity?
17.15 Discussion
17.30 End of Session


Saturday 7th October


Focus Session 5 – Controversies in Corneal Treatment

Moderators: Friedrich Kruse GERMANY, Jesper Hjortdal DENMARK

Acantamoeba Keratitis is Best Treated by Early Keratoplasty
09.07 Berthold Seitz GERMANY
09.14 Discussion
Corneal Cross-Linking for Keratitis
09.18 Farhad Hafezi SWITZERLANDVS
09.25 Frank Larkin UNITED KINGDOM
09.32 Discussion
Early Keratoconus is Best Treated by Topography-Guided Laser Ablation and Cross-Linking
09.36 George Kymionis GREECE VS
09.43 David Touboul FRANCE
09.50 Discussion
Ultrathin DMEK rather than DMEK as the best Treatment for Endothelial Msyfunction
09.54 Massimo Busin ITALY VS
10.01 Friedrich Kruse GERMANY
10.08 Discussion
Bilateral Stem Cell Disease: Boston Keratoprothesis VS Oral Mucosal Expansion
10.12 Christopher Liu VS
10.19 TBC
10.26 Discussion
10.30 End of Session



Focus Session 6 – Corneal and Ocular Surface Imaging: A true revolution

Moderators: José Guell SPAIN , Beatrice Cochener FRANCE

11.00 Renato Ambrosio BRAZIL
Refinement in Videotopography
11.15 Dan Reinstein UNITED KINGDOM
Focus on Epithelial Layer with OCT
11.30 Everado Hernandez Quintela MEXICO
Focus on Meibomial Gland Dysfunction with Interferometry
11.45 Cynthia Roberts UNITED STATES
From Viscoelasticity to Elastometry of the Cornea
12.00 Leonardo Mastropasqua ITALY
In Vivo Histology with Confocal Microscopy
12.15 Discussion
12.30 End of Session



Focus Session 7 – Long term results in Keratoplasty

Moderators: Dan Epstein SWITZERLAND , Friedrich Kruse GERMANY

16.00 Berthold Seitz GERMANY
Survival of the Endothelial Cells
16.13 Phillip Maier GERMANY
Significance of Tissue Typing in Corneal Keratoplasty
16.26 Frank Larkin UNITED KINGDOM
Keratoplasty in Herpetic Corneal Disease
16.39 Vincent Borderie FRANCE
Long term results after DALK
16.52 Sadeer Hannush UNITED STATES
Long term results after DSAEK
17.05 Friedrich Kruse GERMANY
Mid-term results after DMEK
17.18 Discussion
17.30 End of Session
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