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Security Notice

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Instructional Courses

Saturday 5th September


Diagnostic Techniques

Chairpersons: L. Modis HUNGARY , J. Merayo SPAIN

P. Aragona ITALY
Laboratory test on the diagnosis of ocular surface disorders

J. Merayo SPAIN
Inervation matters? Diagnostic Techniques for evaluation of corneal innervation

M.J. Tassignon BELGIUM
Pre- and intra-operative anterior segment OCT

E. Wylegala POLAND
Topography and tomography of the cornea

C. Cursiefen GERMANY
Evaluation of haematic and lymphatic vessels in corneal neovascularization

Evaluation of corneal endothelial dysfunction



Stem Cells Therapy

in conjunction with EEBA

Chairperson: V. Borderie FRANCE & J. Hjortdal DENMARK

Normal and abnormal differentiation of the ocular surface epithelia

V. Borderie FRANCE
The mammalian limbal stem cell niche

Rational assessment of the ocular surface condition to determine the best therapeutic strategy in regenerative medicine

H. Dua UK
Therapeutic options in limbal deficiency

F. Figueiredo UK
Stem cell transplantation in bilateral limbal deficiency







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