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Friday 9th September


Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty

Moderators: V. Sarnicola ITALY, P. Fournié FRANCE

09.00 E.J. Holland USA
Why prefer DALK over PK: outcomes and new indications
09.13 P. Fournié FRANCE
DALK standard tecnique: cannula-DALK Vs needle-DALK
DALK: tips and tricks
09.39 V. Sarnicola ITALY
All the ruptures can be fixed
10.52 R. Fogla INDIA
DALK as much as possible – all the indications
10.05 S. Hannush USA
Big Bubble DALK: Corneal – Layers
10:18 Discussion
10.30 End of Session



Corneal Translational Research

Moderators: T. Fuchsluger GERMANY, B. Malyugin RUSSIA

09.00 S. Deng USA
Standardization of limbal stem cell culture for transplantation
09.15 J. Mehta SINGAPORE
Ex vivo migration of corneal endothelial cells
09.30 S. Kinoshita JAPAN
The clinical research on corneal endothelial cell injection therapy
09.45 T. Fuchsluger GERMANY
Nanofiber-based biomatrix for ocular surface reconstruction
10.00 K. Tonaeva RUSSIA
Cell therapy with limbal MMSCs to prevent corneal graft rejection
10.15 Discussion
10.30 End of Session



Management of Corneal Astigmatism

Moderators: F. Malecaze FRANCE, K. Krootila FINLAND, D.Reinstein UK

11.00 P. Vinciguerra ITALY
Correcting astigmatism by subtractive refractive surgery
11.15 D. Reinstein UK
Correcting irregular corneal astigmatism
11.30 L. Laroche FRANCE
Corneal incisional surgery: Intrastromal and Arcuate and T-cut techniques
11.40 N. Alpins AUSTRALIA
Surgically Induced Astigmatism and Flattening Effect for cataract surgery
11.55 L. Kessel FRANCE
Managing corneal astigmatism with intraocular surgery
12.05 L. Gauthier DENMARK
Total astigmatism versus anterior astigmatism of the cornea: discovery or return to the evidence?
12.15 Discussion
12.30 End of Session




Moderators: P. Fagerholm &  N.Lagali SWEDEN

11.00 U. Edén SWEDEN
Aniridia –the disease
11.15 P. Fagerholm SWEDEN
The development of the keratopathy
11.30 N. Lagali SWEDEN
What is happening in the cornea – In Vivo Confocal Microscopy aspects
11.45 R. Ihnatko SWEDEN
Protein content in the tears – a clue to a treatment?
12.00 A. J. Shortt UNITED KINGDOM
Clinical management of aniridia related Keratopathy
12.15 Discussion
12.30 End of Session

Saturday 10th September


Ocular Injuries

Moderators: B. Frueh SWITZERLAND, K. Klemp DENMARK

09.00 P. Fagerholm SWEDEN
Management of acute corneal burns
09.12 J. Guell SPAIN
Traumatic epithelial downgrowth: prevention and repair
The challenges of traumatic cataracts
09.36 B. Malyugin RUSSIA
Surgical options for traumatic partial and total aniridia
09.48 C. Liu UK
Keratoprosthesis after severe ocular trauma
10.00 M. La Cour DENMARK
Intraocular foreign bodies
10.12 Discussion
10.30 End of Session

Immunology in Corneal Transplantation

Moderators: J. Hjortdal DENMARK, J. Armitage UK

M. Griffin IRELAND
What has been learned from immunological profiling in kidney transplantation?
09.30 U. Pleyer GERMANY
The role of immune-modulatory stroll cell therapy in prevention of corneal graft rejection
09.45 D. Tole UK
Immunosuppression in high-risk keratoplasty
10.00 D. Bohringer GERMANY
The value of HLA-matching in low-risk keratoplasty
10.15 J. Armitage UK
Conclusions of high-risk HLA matching study-CTFS II
10.30 End of Session

Dry Eye Disease

Moderators: D. Epstein SWITZERLAND, S. Heegaard DENMARK

11.00 J. Merayo SPAIN
New diagnostic approaches
11.15 G. Geerling GERMANY
The role of inflammation in dry eye disease
11.30 B. Del Castillo Madrid
What is meibomian gland dysfunction?
11.45 S. Raeder NORWAY
Current treatment of dry eye disease
12.00 S. Heegard DENMARK
Diagnosis of primary and seondary Sjögren’s disease
12.15 H. Jeppesen GERMANY
Graft vs host disease and dry eye

Current Corneal Controversies

Moderators: B. Cochener FRANCE, B. Samolov SWEDEN

14.00 G.Kymionis GREECE
Excimer on Keratoconus
14.15 R. Ambrosio BRAZIL
Refinement in Intrastromal ring segments
14.30 M.Muraine FRANCE
15.45 C. Crusiefen GERMANY
Management of corneal new vessels
16.00 B. del Castillo SPAIN
Management strategies for trophic ulcers
16.15 Discussion
16.30 End of Session
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