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Friday 9th September


Preparation of Lamellar Grafts in an Eye Bank setting

Organised by EEBA (European Eye Bank Association)
Moderators: J. Hjortdal DENMARK,  B. Bachmann GERMANY

14.00 D. Ponzin, A. Ruzza ITALY
Preparation of ultra-thin DSAEK grafts- tips & tricks
14.15 E. Groeneveld-van Beek THE NETHERLANDS
Precut tissues for DMEK-PRO
14.30 S. Heinzelmann GERMANY
Precut tissues for DMEK-CONTRA
14.45 F. Kruse GERMANY
Quality and donor criteria for posterior lamellar grafts
15.00 V. Borderie FRANCE
Quality and donor criteria for anterior lamellar grafts
15.15 B. Bachmann GERMANY
Multiple grafts from one donor button: organization, traceability, legal aspects and preparation methods
15.30 End of Session



Lamellar Complications

Moderators: J. Guell SPAIN, R. Nuijts THE NETHERLANDS

Each speaker is required to present an INTERACTIVE SINGLE CASE REPORT

17.00 A. Villarrubia SPAIN
Uncommon complications, curious solutions
17.07 J. Güell SPAIN
DMEK nightmare
Lamellar cresent graft surery for a corneal cyst
17.21 C. Cursiefen GERMANY
Corneal melting after Boston Kpro: what to do?
17.28 F. Price USA
Management of blood in the anterior chamber during DMEK
17.35 B. Seitz GERMANY
Re-Bubbling in “Excimer DALK”?
17.42 J. Hjortdal DENMARK
Keratitis after SMILE surgery
17.49 L. Fontana ITALY
A big Bubble to small
17.56 Discussion


18.30 End of Session


Saturday 10th September


DMEK: How I do it

Moderators: F. Kruse GERMANY

14.00 F. Kruse GERMANY
Host preparation: Anatomical consideration, sizing, significance of splitting
14.15 M. Greiner USA
Using precut grafts
14.30 F. Price USA
How to unfold the graft
14.45 M. Busin Italy
DMEK 2.0: My way of graft delivery
15.00 J. Guell Spain
DMEK for failed PK
15.15 T. Tourtas GERMANY
Deep chamber, deep trouble
15.30 End of Session



Corneal Suturing

Moderators: H. Dua UK, D.G. Said UK ,R. Jayaswal UK
Presenters: R. Jayaswal UK, D.G Said UK

This is a basic to intermediate level cousrs that will cover all aspects of cornal suturing in the context of corneal lacerations, corneal grafts and other corneal procedures. Suture materials, choice of needles, suture placement, tying and buying knots and sultured related complications and their management. The above will be covered under the following headlines:

Course Focus:

Suture materials: Threads and needles

Suturing corneal lacerations

Suturing in Penetrating Keratoplasty

Suturing in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty

Miscellaneous: Suturing of phaco burns; Compression sutures, cataract and Endothelial keratoplasty incisions.

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