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Friday 9th September



Corneal Infections

Moderators: J. Dart UK,  M. Labetoulle FRANCE

14.00 M. Burton UK
How to make the diagnosis?
14.20 F. Hafezi SWITZERLAND
Treatment controversies in bacterial keratitis
14.40 N. Sharma INDIA
Fungal keratitis: optimizing therapy
15.00 J. Dart UK
Acanthamoeba keratitis: diagnostic and management solutions
15.20 Discussion
15.30 End of Session



Challenging Cases presented by the experts

Moderators: H. Dua UK, B. Allan UK, S. Hannush USA

17.00 F. Badala ITALY
When DMEK is better than DSAEK
17.09 K. Colby USA
Large Non-pigmented Limbal Lesion
17.18 L. Fontana ITALY
DM perforation during DALK
17.27 A. Slomovic Canada
Femtosecond Laser Tattoo for Management of Symptomatic Glare
17.36 S. Kinoshita JAPAN
Peripheral corneal ulcer
17.45 D. Tan SINGAPORE
CMV endotheliitis vs allograft rejection
17.54 J. Güell SPAIN
Small diameter DMEK in the presence of broad PAS
18.03 S. Al Swailem USA
Malignancy masquerading as limbal stem cell deficiency
18.12 F. Price USA
When DSAEK is better than DMEK
18.21 Discussion
18.30 End of Session

Saturday 10th September


EuCornea/ ESCRS Symposium: ‘Modern Corneal Transplantation’

Chairpersons: R. Nuijts THE NETHERLANDS, F. Malecaze FRANCE

11.00 P. Fournié FRANCE
PK: still an option in selected cases
11.15 V. Borderie FRANCE
DALK: when and how
11.30 Discussion
11.40 S. Hannush USA
Endothelial keratoplasty: why I prefer DSAEK
11.55 F. Kruse GERMANY
Endothelial keratoplasty: why I prefer DMEK
12.10 Discussion
12.20 F. Larkin UK
Complications of corneal transplantation: early recognition and early treatment
12.35 J. Güell SPAIN
When is a re-graft indicated?
12.50 Discussion
13.00 End of session



Corneal Complications of Refractive Surgery

Moderators: J. Güell SPAIN, A. Ivarsen DENMARK

16.00 A. Slomovic CANADA
Steriod induced lamellar keratitis
16.12 T. Seiler SWITZERLAND
Secondary ectasia update (LASIK, surface, SMILE)
16.24 D. Stulting USA
Lamellar surgery: early and late DLK
16.36 X. Zhou CHINA
Microdistortions after keratorefractive surgery: a complication or just a consequence?
16.48 M. Labetoulle FRANCE
Immediate and late postoperative infectious keratitis
17.00 G. Kymionis GREECE
Surface ablation – CXL – what to do if haze becomes a fog
17.12 Discussion
17.30 End of Session
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