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ECCTR Instructional Course


Saturday 7 October

16.45 – 17.45

Using the European Cornea and Cell Transplant Registry for clinical improvement (Room4.6)

Speaker: Mats Lundstrom
Speaker: Mor Dickman.

Course outline
This course will inform about the importance of quality improvement work. The ECCTR system will be presented as a tool to improve quality in corneal transplant surgery.

Legal aspects of an international registry including ownership of data and ethical aspects will be discussed. Detailed instructions of how to enter data into the system and take out reports will be given.

Course objectives
Inform about quality improvement work
Provide knowledge about the ECCTR system
Inform about legal aspects of an international disease registry
Provide knowledge about how to enter data into the system
Provide knowledge about how to take out data from the system

Course schedule
The concept of quality improvement in health care: 10 min.
Quality registry – ECCTR: 20 min
Legal aspects: 5 min
Reporting data – input of data: 15 min.
Take out reports – output of data: 10 min.

Financial disclosure: None

– The concept of quality improvement
Knowing your results, collecting data, benchmarking, making changes, quality improvement tools

– Quality registry – ECCTR
Forms, parameters
Consecutive cases, coding guidelines

– Legal aspects
EU directive, ownership, right to publish, Ethics Committees

– Reporting data – input of data
Web form, interface,

– Take out reports – output of data
Web form, selections

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